Form for Generating Examples of Truth Tables and Analytic Tableaux

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Choose which type of display: Truth Table Analytic Tableau (Formula cannot contain the equivalence connective.)

Enter the formula to be analysed (see below for syntax hints):
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Syntax for entering formulas

A formula consists of predicate letters and logical connectives. The names of the connectives are OR, AND, IMPLIES, NOT, and EQUIVALENCE. These can be written out in a formula using any combination of upper and lower case letters, but there must be at least one space between any connective and the rest of the formula around it. Implies and equivalence can also be entered as -> and <->

A number of symbols can also be entered as abbreviations for the connective names. These are given below. Note that these symbols do not need space to set them off from the predicate letters.

Standard rules of precedence apply in formulas: the order of precedence (from highest to lowest) is NOT, AND, OR, IMPLIES, EQUIVALENCE. One may override the preference order by using parentheses. The non-associative implies connective associates to the right by default.

Examples of formulas